Kim3aKim is graduate of  Middle Georgia State College with a bachelor’s degree in New Media and Communication.

Kim is a Media Specialist with vast experience in working with computer graphics. She has the technical knowledge to create information based products that entertain, educate and inform the user.

While attending Middle Georgia State College, she has written articles for the school newsletter and newspaper. She has also had a poem published in the Fall Line Review, an art and literary magazine that allows for the students of Macon State to display their many talents.

During her fall semester she completed a sports broadcasting internship. She traveled to different stadiums around the Macon area and filmed high school football games utilizing wide, zoom and field cameras.

In her free time Kim does volunteered work with True Light Transportation a non-profit organization. She also enjoys traveling, swimming and being a member of a local book club.

Kim was a member of the United States Air Force until her retirement in June, 2007. She has more than twenty years of customer service experience with ten years experience in human resources, and three years of experience in resource management.