Web vs Apps

Wired magazine in 2010 asserted in its title: “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet.” Authors Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff argued that the World Wide Web was “in decline” and “apps” were in ascendance. The primary reason is the rise of the iPhone model of mobile computing.

In 2011 Dave Winer a software developer, and founder of Userland Software, post on his blog  why the web isn’t dead and why apps are not the future. He points out that apps lack the inter-connectivity of the web.

I switch back and forth between a desktop, iphone and ipad. I can see a future where both become smarter and more efficient, it’s hard to see a future without either.

Apps offer simple, one-touch or click moves, while the web accommodates unlimited diversity. I prefer apps for games, social networking, lifestyle and entertainment, the web for news and weather.

Is it only because of profits modes that businesses want us to chose? Or is it the way we access information, learn, amuse ourselves, and create in the digital era?

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