Where to find Digital Media Specialist Jobs

Digital media specialist jobs are found anywhere in the private and public sectors where a message or idea needs to be conveyed to the public quickly. The Internet offers more immediacy than print does, so many companies are increasing their web presence, particularly newspapers and other news outlets. Now that anyone can have a blog, there has also been an increased presence of profitable and nonprofitable blogs, with the most popular bloggers paid well for their web updates.

A Day in the life of a Media Specialist

If you were about to give a talk to a class or present something at a meeting, to whom would you turn? The best option would be a media specialist. Media specialists get to work with multimedia equipment (such as television and video equipment), cameras, film projectors, slides, and recording equipment, usually on behalf of a school, library, or business.

Media specialists largely work for schools and institutions of learning, but some of them work in libraries, government agencies, private industries, and other businesses. Media specialists working in school systems help teachers by finding relevant material to be used as teaching aids. They work closely with teachers in ordering course materials, determining what training aids are best suited for particular grade levels, and instructing teachers and students in the operation of audiovisual equipment.

Government agencies, medical and industrial corporations, international humanitarian organizations, and other nongovernmental organizations that need to train workers and distribute information to the public require the services of media specialists. Some media specialists will find work researching and developing public service announcements run by health, welfare, and social services; community action groups; and radio and television stations.

Even though most media specialists have heavy schedules, their reward comes with the knowledge and enlightenment they help bring to students and other audiences.

Worshipping Our Technology

Consumers might be sacrificing their health worshipping technology. Are we all in danger of “text neck,” or is this just a way for chiropractors to make a buck?

In “Men, Machines, and the World About,” Norbert Wiener states “There is a very real danger in this country in bowing down before the brass calf, the idol, which is the gadget.” This statement accurately predicted how many interact with technology today.

This report indicates that these technologies are harming us as we bend, bow, hunch over to text, type, and interact with our iPhones, iPads, and Kindles.

There is even a new term floating around medical offices called “Text Neck.”  The phrase was coined by Dr. Dean Fishman a South Florida chiropractor. He came up with the term after noticing an increase in repetitive stress injuries.

As we bow before our gadgets we develop headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, compromised breathing, and much more. The good news: to help alleviate some of the pain, the Text Neck Institute suggested holding mobile devices at eye level and these four easy exercises.