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The Future of Our Cars

would love for someone to do all my driving for me, but I’m not comfortable enough with the technology of today to let a computer do the driving.  I’m a horrible backseat driver, and I can only imagine the futility of arguing with a computer about driving too fast. Wired points out that by the decade’s end vehicles will be computerized to the point where they will be doing all the driving. BMW, Toyota, GM, and VW are only some of the automobile makers that are testing this technology.

Carnegie Mellon University is developing cars that can drive themselves and prove, with 100% certainty, that they will avoid other vehicles. They indicate that computer-controlled vehicles are more accurate than humans.

At some point in the future will I be relegated to sit in the passenger seat and allow for a computer to take the wheel?

Worshipping Our Technology

Consumers might be sacrificing their health worshipping technology. Are we all in danger of “text neck,” or is this just a way for chiropractors to make a buck?

In “Men, Machines, and the World About,” Norbert Wiener states “There is a very real danger in this country in bowing down before the brass calf, the idol, which is the gadget.” This statement accurately predicted how many interact with technology today.

This report indicates that these technologies are harming us as we bend, bow, hunch over to text, type, and interact with our iPhones, iPads, and Kindles.

There is even a new term floating around medical offices called “Text Neck.”  The phrase was coined by Dr. Dean Fishman a South Florida chiropractor. He came up with the term after noticing an increase in repetitive stress injuries.

As we bow before our gadgets we develop headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, compromised breathing, and much more. The good news: to help alleviate some of the pain, the Text Neck Institute suggested holding mobile devices at eye level and these four easy exercises.